The Electrical Age

The Electrical Age

I joined Morrison Nov 2020 and we’ve been moving at Lightspeed “GONE PLAID”– Spaceballs, since I started. Morrison is making great strides in keeping up with the necessities of the industry through Digitization and Technology.  They are “wise”to invest in CW1 as well as several in house developments and integrations.  We have good momentum and werepicking up the pace.

Who is the largest Freight Forwarder these days anyways?  Seems like we all are as we continue to operate as lean as possible.  

We all strive to dominate – Josh

Freight Forwarders are following the yellow brick road through the brightness in advancement through technology. “Thar’s gold in them thar hills”. Indeed, there is and we will be incessantly chasing for it as long as we are alive.  

We are the busiest working class. We never stop. We can’t. Our organizations grow and continue towards global connectivity. With that we will forever be increasing personal demands required in this industry. 

Technology is the future. It touches everything in our lives. The world is alive. We are connected. Our species is becoming smarter by the discovery.  The internet keeps us all aware. There is no delay in transmission. I am lucky I’m Human. My dream job is retirement. I’m work to not work one day. 

Status: online  

I don’t know what spawned our existence. What created our awareness.  Why we are never okay with our current position.

I wish I knew how “we” became. What gives us Logic. Dear Physical, Spiritual, Science – please give us answers. I wish I knew where “we” will go. And all the things we will miss.

Evolution has caused a change in us that it has not done before to any other species. Still waiting for signs of intelligent life out there.  Humans are mutating in capabilities, understanding and advancing on our own pace through technology. We may physically adapt over lengths of time to physically survive, nonetheless it’s the Humans who are the only ones consciously trying to improve their position. We all share the same drives in life. Some more eager and motived than others for more.  In the end our fight will always be existence and survival. 

Technology and Evolution are simultaneous. We have learned how to survive in better conditions. Now it’s used to entertain us, keep us alive, enlighten, teach, find, search, understand and experience.  And it likes to take our money!  

What made technology possible?  Harnessing Electricity. And Semiconductors😊

I came into existence well after human kind rose out of the darkness for a 2nd time. I was born with all the modern advancements of The Electrical Age. In honesty, preparing for this article made me realize how much I don’t know and what it has taken for us to get where we are at today.  It’s certainly a comfortable time to be alive. 

I always had access to the latest publicly available technology.  We always had the most modern items of the time available. I remember the old Macintosh in our parents’ room.  Soon PC’s became affordable. Internet became public. I should look up my first YouTube searches.  I’ve had the same login since I joined. 

Microsoft, Sony and the personal computer figured it out. They kept the controls the same.  

From keyboard to Mouse to the console controllers, they have been the same and have been cross compatible for decades. My kids are using the same controllers I play with. They master their games and controller coordination like we used to master the versions of the previous consoles of our past

Now they aren’t changing. At least until the next industry shaker comes along. VR

The drive for digital is eternal. The drive for existence and physical survival is still the ultimate challenge.

As long as Humans are in control, we will infinity demand physical as much as we accommodate the virtual. That’s where Freight Forwarders come in. 

I grew up on new PC’s, Operating Systems and had to evolve as fast as the new technology was coming.

I have been through countless Computers, Applications, Software’s, Hardware’s, cell phones. 

Point is we Freight Forwarders were born accepting, learning and adapting quickly to new things.  Constantly.

We are riddled with applications that allow us to perform our digital work. What we need is to put the digital technology to use by execute all of the digital necessities in this industry.  We need to AUTOMATE.

Freight Forwarders operating systems canbe automated.  Whether by writing codes and scripts to or by updating in house TMS systems.  Some Forwarders look to 3rd party software’s.  The wise have chosen to a very robust TMS that Wisetech offers.  This is not a pitch for CW1. 

The application is everything a forwarder needs to increase their presence in their local markets.  Wisetech has keep the software and user experience relatively the same.  And offers entry level abilities to automate operations. 

Automation significantly changes the demand on the “user”.  The user transitions from data entry to data monitoring and managing the exceptions. This frees up the operator to have more personal time with callers, colleagues and other initiatives the company is working towards. This allows the operator to enhance the operation and contribute by updating the programs that run the TMS to make their job easier.  It’s all about the USER EXPERIENCE.   

And the good thing is once you learn CW1. You can contribute to any organization that is using the system.

How far have we evolved from basics of survival to against the physical forces of nature (the ultimate battle in life) to saying “how am I going to survive this conference call with the BOSS?”

Although it may feel like we have been forced back into the cave dwelling ages during 2020, we still have our connectivity and technology to allow us to do what we do from anywhere on the planet. Currently.  

I’m still looking forward to my Surrogate Pod.  Waking up, grabbing some liquid food drink full of caffeine and lying back down in my pod while I go to work.  

Drive for Evolution, existence and better survival.

You can

Work to survive

Survive to work

Or work to play

Information is coming to us at the speed of lightning.  And directly into our minds at lightspeed.

  • Josh

As many worlds as the sand in the sea

Light Speed 186,282 miles per second

In miles per hour, light speed is, well, a lot: about 670,616,629 mph.

If you could travel at the speed of light, you could go around the Earth 7.5 times in one second.

Light from Sun: eight speed of light minutes and 19 seconds





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The Electrical Age

Josh Rennert, Director Air Freight, The Americas, Morrison Express